Friday, February 5, 2010

Beauty Products and Tips

I am jumping on board with a post about beauty products and tips. It's gonna be quick since I got work to do while the little one is napping...
Here we go!
I am all over the place with my make-up brands but stick to the same thing. Make sense? Clear as mud, huh! I will explain...
I will start with the essentials! I use Bobbi Brown for MOST of my makeup. They make the BEST concealer out there!! If I leave the house with no makeup on...I at least put on concealer. This stuff takes me from death to somewhat presentable! It looks like this

I HIGHLY recommend it!!!
Then, there is the second most important item...Mascara! For me, I like Lancome's Hypnose mascara. It is GREAT and makes my lashes look long and full! I wish I had time to do a before and after photo but I simply don't.

Next down the line is my foundation/base/what have you. Except I don't wear foundation nor base. I wear a moisturizer and I can't get it anywhere except on Amazon now days. Which is totally not cool because it is THE BOMB! I have turned soo many people on to this stuff. It is by Revlon and it's called Skinlights Instant Skin brightener. This little bottle makes my skin look super smooth, and gives it a total bronze without the tan, AND because it's a moisturizer it doesn't leave any yucky makeup lines. ALSO, it isn't all thick and "cakey" like some foundations seem to be. It has SPF in it so that's a plus too!

Ok, and while we are on the topic of bronzers I will include the blush I use...except it isn't really blush. It's a bronzer blush really! It's called a bronzer brick by Bobbi Borwn and this pic is of the bronze colors but I use the pink or rose or I don't know color brick. It is just a touch of pink and has that shimmer as well to give your cheeks an instant glow! I LOVE THIS STUFF!!!!

Last, is my eye liner. This little pot is the bomb diggity! Also by Bobbi Brown, it is gel eye liner and I just put it on with an eye liner brush. I've used tons of eyeliner and this one just can't be beat!

As far as motto is "less is more". I love to look natural with the makeup yet make my eyes pop with darker mascara and liner. I use nudes on my eyes but always make sure whatever I use, it compliments my brown eyes and dark eyebrows.

My other motto is "If you can't lose it, tan it!" HA!!!! I know tanning is a big no no now days! But I'm just saying.... A little tan or BRONZE goes a long way!

As far as hair..well that's a sour subject today! I went to dry my hair and my hair dryer (which I JUST bought might I mention) would not come on. So....I will not get into that topic just today!

I have some boy stuff to show and tons of spring clothing coming up SOOOOOOON! Just waiting for the rain to go away to get some pics!! It's coming though...and I am uber excited to show it all off!

Happy Friday!


  1. Great tips! I'm going to have to look into that concealer.

    CANNOT WAIT to see your new stuff (especially the boy stuff)!!

  2. Hi from Kelly's Korner! I also love Bobbi Brown's pot of gel eye liner and it's brush. I have very fair skin and may have to give the bronzer a try, thanks!


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