Sunday, December 30, 2012

Favorite phone pics from 2012

The year 2012 is coming to a close. I was looking through my phone at all the 2,000 pictures I took this year and decided to blog my favorites.

The E.T. picture. Ava always loves to go into Judd's room when he wakes & play with him in his crib. Her favorite thing is to unload his entire toy chest of blankets and stuffed animals. And better believe that by the end of 2012 we successfully taught Ava the cardinal rule of "you make the mess, you clean it up".

Judd and mommy hanging out at the club pool this summer. Those cheeks!

Y'all. This picture makes me laugh SO hard. It's so not funny to anyone else I'm sure, but I cannot delete it from my phone. It just makes me giggle every time I see it. Ava put her dolls in the hula hoop "pool" all clad in stylish swimsuits with their own "swim up bar". Love her imagination!

Best of friends waiting so patiently at the dentist office. She has turned into such a wonderful big sister!

All smiles in Destin Florida! This was on our way out the door to eat dinner at Louisiana Lagniappe.

Judd's first feel of sand. He wasn't sure what to think of it! I wish I knew what was on his mind at this moment.

My 30th birthday with some of my best friends! We had such a great time and I love these girls so much!!

My little witches. Judd makes such a pretty witch, doesn't he?

Ava busting a move in the car. She was SO funny and SO serious about her choreography. I wish I remembered the song she was dancing to.

Nap time snuggles. My very favorite part of every day. Hands down! This little guy LOVES to be rocked before bed and sometimes I'll rock him until he falls asleep. One of the greatest perks of having my babies far enough in apart in age. Ava gets extra TV time; Judd gets extra snuggle time. Win/win for everyone!

Love this picture of the three of us.

Wyatt and Ava donning their true personalities, clowns, at the circus!

Daddy reading to Judd before bedtime. This is Judd's favorite book. He would be pleased to spend a solid hour having this read to him over and over again!

Meet the teacher for Pre-K! Ava was so excited to begin pre-k with her friends, both old and new.

The sweetest momma's boy I've ever known. I'm so blessed to be his mommy!!

The cuteness in this picture is too much for me. Those teeth, that outfit, chubby!

My mom would KILL me for posting this picture of her but I love it so very much! This summer I would bring my kids over two mornings a week so I could run. Judd would usually be ready for a nap by 9am and she loved to hold him while he slept in her vibrating recliner.

Miss Priss before museum school one Friday morning.

Somebody escaped the diaper change AND wet his chair all in a matter of 30 seconds! He was so proud of himself!!

Probably my most favorite picture of all. Bathing beauties.

Ava and mom at Disney World!

LOVE this picture of Ava on our last day of our Disney vacation. She's turning into such a beautiful girl!

Little Bo Peep? You lost your sheep.

Singing "Happy Birthday to Judd" upon walking into his bedroom on his birthday morning. He's trying to look all swagger. Psh.

Judd let it be known that he's not a fan of sister's hand me down toys. Particularly the dolls!

Hanging out in the laundry hamper. Ava said they were playing cards. Judd is the perfect playmate for my bossy, imaginative girl.

Mommy's first baby.

Watching the Ft. Worth Parade of Lights. It was so cold this night. We enjoyed taking Ava out by herself to kick of the holiday season.

Breakfast with Santa. This picture turned out basically exactly as I had imagined it would. Ha!

My sweet boys!

Pretty ballerina. This was at her Christmas demonstration. She looks so grown up here!

Ready to sing her little heart out at her Pre-K Christmas program. Her class sang "Silent Night" and it was so very cute!

And my two favorite pictures from today of my two favorite little people...

At the movies seeing Monsters Inc.

Visiting Nee Nee for pizza night!

So, this turned into a "year in review" of pictures more than a selection of a few favorites and I promised I skipped over many I wanted to add.
Oh well! What can I say? It really IS such a wonderful life. I love it so and my new years goal for 2013 is to simply stop and smell the roses & enjoy what all I have, especially those moments that may not be of anything special or big on the surface. I want to work on finding joy in the small things. To pause more. Relax more. Breathe in, breathe out.

Happy New Year!


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