Friday, December 14, 2012

Christmas Decorations

Welcome to The McWilliams Residence! I am happy to be participating in this year's Christmas Decor linkup from over at my sweet friend Kelly's blog, Kelly's Korner.

Our family LOVES to decorate for Christmas. In fact, I'm not sure which one of us loves it more between Aaron, Ava, and myself. We enjoy bringing the decorations out of the attic each year and discussing when we bought particular pieces, why it has sentimental value to us, or maybe we just recall the great deal we got on something! We look forward to decorating each year after Thanksgiving and can't wait to add even more decor as the years pass.
On the porch, I added the super cute gingerbread boy and girl to our porch swing, purchased from my friend Meredith's etsy shop. I fully intended to sew some red burlap pillows but never got around to it this year. I did get the deco mesh wreath made and am happy with how it turned out for the most part.
Once you come inside the house our formal dining room is off to the left. We currently use it as a play room since it's the only open carpeted area in our bottom story. Just comes as a great area for the baby since the tile floors are cold and hard.
Anyway, I added the holly berry balls to the ligh fixture of this room.
These snowmen handprints are to the left of the front door. We made these this Christmas and I think it's hysterical that Judd and Ava's hands are almost the same size yet they are 3.5 years apart in age.
To the right of the front door is our entry table where I have it decorated in a candy cane theme. The sleigh holds our Christmas cards. I like this look for this year and will keep it for a few more years, but eventually want to move the cards somewhere else where we can look at them all displayed. I think I will use the sleigh to hold Christmas crafts that the kids bring home. Or maybe Christmas recipe cards? Not sure yet.
On top of the entry way table, the window ledge, holds yearly Christmas photos. I like to choose 1 or 2 favorite pictures from each year and frame them. This has been a personal "bonus" tradition for me that I have come to love!
Back to the front room...Ava says "hi' as she photo bombs my picture. Isn't she cute in her summer pajamas? (Don't get me started on our daily battle with wearing sleeves and pants.) This little tree holds our memorable ornaments. It has old fashioned bubble lights that I had on my tree as a little girl, along with some of my ornaments as a baby, and then homemade ornaments of Ava's.
This is the gingerbread house we made tonight. We all had so much fun decorating it while listening to Christmas music and just talking about our day.

Here is our living room area. I have it semi-decorated in a toddler friendly fashion but it still has been a booger to keep little hands from redecorating each corner every time I turn around. 

The top picture is during the day and the bottom is at night. We don't have a fireplace so we hang the stockings on our entertainment center. I added the mesh garland this year and next year I'm going to add one more layer. I think I'll go with lime green. I love decorating with bright colors while my children are young. I'm not really sure why, but I just think it makes for "brighter memories". At least in my head that's how I picture it! 

The nutcracker on the TV center is our "candy cane advent calendar" and then we also do the "christmas book advent calendar". Ava opens the book in the morning and then opens a nutcracker door each evening after dinner. She has LOVED this tradition so much this year!!

This is the "kids table" with Ava's favorite village that plays Christmas songs, her two disney princess snowglobes, and this year's Santa picture. Don't you love that Santa picture? Don't report me to CPS please.
If you must know, we have gone through 5, FIVE, snowglobes this year. Judd loves to pick those up and chunk them across the room and watch water go everywhere. It's really fun. I also enjoy cleaning up the water then driving down the street to Walgreens in order to get my sobbing 4 year old to calm down. You do understand that damaged princess snowglobes are pretty much the end of the world for a 4 year old, don't you? It's a no win situation with those globes. I can't put them out of Judd's reach because then they are also out of Ava's reach. The DRAMA I tell you.
Aaron's favorite decoration. "The train village"

 Our dining room table. Decorated with holly berries, shimmer trees, and silver chargers.  
This is the kid's hallway. They helped me make this burlap stockings. Ava loves to tell everyone that "Judd's stocking is perfect and mine is a disaster!" She is so silly!

Ava's bedroom. We don't turn on the Christmas tree lights very often in her room. See Beth the elf hanging out on her tree today? And her pink star? She insisted that we find a pink star for the tree this year. Thankfully Wal Mart came to our rescue! Our LP nativity set is on her window seat, currently MIA are baby Jesus and Joseph. I asked Ava where they were and she said "prolly using the bathroom." I am SO OVER this 4 year old potty humor. So over it. Anyway, baby Jesus and Joseph are somewhere around the house. 

Ava's Hobby Lobby finds this year! 

This collage includes a few of my favorites among our trees in the house. I love picture frame ornaments and love looking at the ones from our first year of marriage. Aaron and I both were at the same school (he the VP and me the kindergarten teacher) and I put our school pictures in the ornaments. One is of Ava's tree. She has been adding bracelets and hairbows to it with each passing day. Haha! Last, do you see the tiara on the top of the front room tree? Wonder who did that... 
Thanks for stopping by. Sorry for my mommy's rambling stories. She doesn't have very much adult interaction these days and tends to get carried away.


  1. so, I've been clicking around these home tours off and on today...yours made me giggle-not the decor, but the insight to life with the kiddos and toddler vs. 4 year old drama. Your decor looks great, but your stories are even better. :)Y'all have a Merry Christmas! ~Allison

  2. Your holiday decorations look great-love your main tree.

  3. Everything looks great! I love all of your decor~

  4. It's lovely decoration. Specially Christmas tree is looking so beautiful with lots of Christmas ornaments and kid is also looking so cute.
    Christmas Tree Decorations


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