Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Judd {9 months}

Yeay for 3/4 of a year old!!! You are 9 months, Judd!
Weight: 24 lbs
Height: 30 inches
(98% for both)

Wears 18 months clothes
Size 4 diaper
Takes 4 bottles a day, 8 ounces at a time
Eats 3 meals a day and sometimes an afternoon snack after nap
Sleeps from 7pm-7am
Naps 2 times a day for two hours or an hour and a half

Showing off your new teeth!

What are you up to?
Whoa buddy! You have just exploded with new tricks in the past month. You can clap and say "ayyyyyyyy" for yay. You wave with your hand opening and closing now (towards you) and say "bah byyyyy" for bye bye. You also say "mama" which was officially your first word. This automatically makes you my favorite offspring. Good call, buddy. I'm only kidding.
You understand the sign language for "more" and "all done" and "eat". Mommy is only good about teaching you sign language during meal time, obviously. You also understand "no, no". We use this most often when you are pulling either mine or your sister's hair out in clumps. You have a strange obsession with our hair.

You can follow a few simple commands such as "go get your elephant", "give me kisses" and "tell daddy bye bye".
You are pulling up on objects to stand and have started to let go. You can stand without holding on for about 5 seconds. Sadly, you'll be walking before your first birthday. I want you to stay a baby forever. You clearly have a different agenda.

Your stranger anxiety is at an all time high and when I leave the room for too long you will scream until you can see me. You will not go to anyone other than me or daddy. It's no secret that mommy is your most favorite person right now. Just today at your pre-op appt for your tubes procedure the nurses assumed you were breastfed and were shocked when I said you weren't. You love to "pat" me on my chest and cling to me when you think someone may take you out of my arms.

You still cry when I put you down to sleep but it's just because you know I'm a sucker and will pick you back up for extra snuggles. Once you calm down you go right to sleep. You love your fish aquarium on your crib and will push it as soon as you wake up. My absolute favorite thing you do now is when I pick you up out of your crib, you put your head on my shoulder and say "awwwwwwww". YOU SLAY ME!! You are so affectionate.

Your favorite toy is either a ball or these egg shakers. Your favorite lovey is your bear lovey blanket or your stuffed animal giraffe noise soother. Ava is having a hard time sharing with you as you get more opinionated and mobile. It's a day to day learning experience that's for sure:) You both adore eachother regardless of the toy battles and you get so excited to see the other when you've been apart for more than a few hours. I love your special bond.
(You are so delicious!!)

Each month is getting better and better with you and I am madly in love with you, sweet boy.

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  1. He is so precious. I can't believe it's been 9 months!


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