Thursday, July 14, 2011

J is for Judd and Jet

If you ask Ava what her mommy does for work she will tell you "She makes shirts".

Side note: This is far better than what she used to say. When we would ask her where daddy worked she said "At school".
Where mommy worked??
"In the bedroom."
ah Yes! Mom works in a bedroom. Correct.
Except totally not a good visual for those unaware of my occupation.
So we changed it to "mommy works in her office making clothes for babies and kids."
Now she says I make shirts.

She really is intrigued with my job lately & loves to ask me to make specific things. Her favorites have been the super hero shirt, the mermaid shirt, and the Dino onesie.

Ava is also intrigued with letters and the sounds they make. She talks about words and what they start with all of the time.
Let's face it. She is a principal and teacher's daughter. It's in her blood.

Two nights ago we were laying in bed and she asked me what I was working on for the night. I explained and apparently that bored her. She told me she wanted me to make Judd a jet shirt. She said "Judd needs a jet shirt because J-j-Judd and J-j-jet both started with J."
Well of course! That's a perfect combination!

So, here is the latest onesie...

Inspired by Ava for her little brother.
And my heart just may explode.


  1. that is so sweet! I laughed out loud when I read that you work in the bedroom. haha!

  2. At least now you have your own sewing room so Ava won't be confused anymore :) And were you so proud at the Judd-jet discovery?! Such a smartie pants! Love the onesie.

  3. too funny! i used to teach kindergarten and i would hear ALL kinds of fun things that parents did for work (according to their kids) - haha! :)
    love the cute judd jet shirt! he is going to be one well dressed little guy!

  4. I love this onesie...and the story behind it. :)

  5. Are you selling this too? My brother and his wife are having their first baby in August and naming him... Jet! This would be perfect.

  6. how darling!!! love the onesie and the ava stories :)


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