Friday, July 22, 2011

25 weeks

How many weeks: 25!

Size of baby: Size of a rutabaga

Weight Gain: 18 lbs (clearly it looks like the latest 6 lbs went to my arms. ugh.)

Maternity Clothes: yes please! I mostly wear dresses because it's just so much easier. I've added bike shorts under the dresses because...well...I'm sure I don't have to go there.
Gender: it's a BOY! Judd Richard

Movement: Ok, if it's possible to have a more hyperactive child than Ava, it's gonna be little Judd man. He moves constantly!! Especially when I am still. He is my mover and shaker. WE. ARE. SCARED.
Sleep: Sleeping pretty good. I get a little freaked out at this point because I wake up on my back a lot which is a no no. Just upped my pillows from 2 to 6 (ok maybe just 4) to stop all that though. So far it's helping! I wake up super early and then get sleepy each day around 1pm. I am exhausted every afternoon and fight off taking naps like it's my job!

What I Miss: Sleeping on my stomach and my memory. I am so forgetful these days!! The pregnancy brain is no joke and I'm sure all involved with me these days are less than happy about my absent mindedness. I also miss bending over with ease. Now it seems like I always have to make some loud sigh as I am struggling to get up and down.
I also miss shaving my legs in the shower. I think this is the worst part about being pregnant in the summer. Even worse than battling the heat. But ask me again in a few weeks and I may change my mind.

Cravings: No cravings lately. I eat a lot of dairy, however. Cereal, yogurt, cottage cheese, cheese foldovers. Yep.
Symptoms: My joints are starting to hurt after working long days on my feet. Still not wearing my wedding ring due to the alergic reaction. Other than that I feel great. I'd say I'm a bit more sensitive lately. Or at least this week. I have cried 538 times. Over the DUMBEST things.
Best Moment this Week: Watching him move all about my stomach. And watching Ava watch him and get so tickled. We also registered. That was fun!


  1. you look cute! I ended sleeping on my back to the bitter end (as in the hospital) with the twins - i couldnt stop no matter what i tried so i gave up trying. cant believe youre 25 weeks already!

  2. I always ended up accidentally on my back stressed me out so bad. But I am sure you guys are ok.

    I bet Ava's face is priceless when she sees her little brother moving! Layla loved seeing Hayden move. She would squeal like crazy!

  3. Oh girl, all of my pounds are resting squarely in my arms and thighs. I am really missing sleeping on my stomach and bending easily as well. I tried to paint my toes the other day and felt like a whale.

    You're looking great, friend! We're almost there :)

  4. You look amazing pretty Momma! I know your fears all to well about the baby being hyper active! I pray that are boys calm once they arrive =)


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