Sunday, May 22, 2011

My new work room!!

I finally worked on the sewing room this weekend!! We started Saturday morning with a trip to Ikea. Wow! That place is just incredible. I'd never been and I was actually a tad overwhelmed as they didn't have a craft room showroom set up so I was picking a choosing and crossing out pieces written down and rewriting others and it was just a bit nerve wracking trying to envision all of the furniture in my room and setting it up in such a way that was as functional (AND CUTE) as possible! 
And folks, I was more than pleased with all the pieces I picked and how it all came together. 

HERE IT IS! The SheShe Made work room.
Aaron's brother was painting while we were getting the furniture. When we got back home my brother came over to help assemble the furniture. We worked until 10:30 and this was the final outcome. I'm missing most of my inventory, all of my TONS of ribbon (which I still don't know where to put by the way) and my big embroidery machine. I will get those back this week and THEN I will be ready to rock in roll.   

To the left is where I will hold completed orders and do all the shipping. I will put a printer on top of that bin holder (as soon as I make some money to get that printer, ha!) The red shelves will mostly hold baskets of supplies, unless I can think of something better and more functional. 

This cube shelving will hold the inventory and my embroidery materials needed such as stabilizers and fabric scraps. 

This nifty little red shelf will hold my fabric. I can't wait to sort all of those fabrics by color!! Isn't that a fun shelf? You can also turn it horizontally and hang it on the wall. And even better, it was only $39! 

This other shelf holds small items. I will put some sort of glass jars in most of the compartments and hold various nick knacks. Any other ideas? 

Here is the sewing/embroidery area. I got a small flat screen TV because I am always out of the loop as far as TV goes. I promise it won;t slow me down though! The metal bars will hold my embroidery frames and scissors/etc.  And I'm pretty excited about that stool bc I've always just stood at the machine and my pregnant self can't stand 8 hours a day for much longer! 

My project this week involves making two valances for the windows in here and adding the rest of my inventory and then I will be all set up. 
I'm so happy about this cheery room and the colors are sure to keep a smile on my face every minute that I am working:) I just know it!! 
If you think of anything else I need to add or have a cute idea for storage I'd love to hear! 


  1. love the room! i always feel more productive and motivated when i have a cute work space! :)

  2. LOVE it! I told Sam I wanted my sewing room (yet to be built) this color and pink!

  3. I love this fun room! It is perfect. The only other thing I think you need is a tiny red fridge for beverages. You aren't gonna want to go downstairs for a bottle of water.

    I also saw on pinterest things that look like clothes hangers that hang ribbon spools. It was so cool. Let me know if you think of something else, otherwise I'll send you the link. Surely you can imitate it with hangers or something. Can't you hang ribbon in the closet?

    Oh and I think pics taken of clothes against the turquoise wall will be so cute!

  4. LOVE THIS!!!! I want to come work for you!!!!

  5. Beautiful! Love the colors & all the furnishings! IKEA is definitely overwhelming! But so fun!!

  6. LOVE this room friend!! Can't wait to see it in person!!

  7. i love the colors!!! I am happy you have such a great workspace! You work so hard, you deserve it!!!

  8. long time reader! i'm so happy for you for the boy such a cute name too :) i sent a friend request on FB :)

  9. Love the new work room Ash. I'd work there :)

  10. OK I TOTALLY WANT UR ROOM. i'd kill for just anything that screams "this is mom's stay out!" at this point

  11. i LOVE your room! i'm in the process of making my craft room, but it is not going to be as nearly awesome as yours


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