Thursday, May 19, 2011

16 Weeks Pregnant

Today I am 16 weeks pregnant with baby #2. I have yet to do a pregnancy post and so I think it's about time!
Pregnancy Highlights:
How many weeks: 16
Size of baby: The size of an avacado
Total weight gain: 4 pounds
Maternity Clothes: Mostly maternity pants and some shirts. Regular dresses and stretchy clothing.
Gender: Find out this afternoon so STAY TUNED! My guess has been girl all along. In fact, all three of us say girl. So if it's a boy we will be so surprised. And thrilled either way!
Movement: I felt the baby move once last week and then again today. Little baby flutters that make me second guess what I'm feeling so I'm still anxious to feel those "real" movements. Haha!
Sleep: I am up to use the bathroom about 3 times a night and have insomnia at 3 and 6am. It's so wild because normally I'm a narcoleptic and can sleep 14 hours in one stretch if left alone.
I don't have many crazy dreams. In fact, I rarely dream at all. Unusual for pregnancy I think!
What I miss: I'm not gonna lie, I miss a good glass of wine or a really cold beer on a hot evening. It's the hardest part about being pregnant this time of year I have discovered. But SO WORTH IT!
Cravings: Baked potatoes,peaches, and ice cream. I also am in love with Wendy's salads at the moment.
Symptoms: Not really any other than my super sonic strength nose. WHOA DUDE! I can smell anything a mile away.
Best moment this week: Ava kissing and hugging my belly. Now that I am showing she is all about loving on this baby. Such a sweet girl!

I'll be back on later to reveal the baby's gender.


  1. You are so cute right are an adorable pregnant lady!

    Awww...Ava loving on your belly is the sweetest thing. She's gonna be a great big sister.

    Over breakfast this morning the kids and I were talking about you finding out the sex of the babe. L, H, & I are all saying boy. I didn't even say what I thought...I let them pick.

    I can't wait...two more hours.

    wooo whoop!!

  2. Congrats! How exciting! :) I'm 21 weeks with my first. Do you start feeling the movements earlier with your second?! Also, how exciting you get to find out so early! :)

    Megan @

  3. I am dying to know!!! Your little belly is so cute!


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