Sunday, April 17, 2011

We now have a THREE year old!

Three years ago today my life changed forever!! I was blessed with the most beautiful, spunky, hilarious, one of a kind baby girl and she has rocked our world in so many ways!!!

This morning she woke up to a few little presents (that I had stored away from Christmas. haha!) This cash register has been a HUGE hit so far!
We went to an Easter Egg hunt bosted by our good friends, the Borgs. This Easter Bunny was not very popular to the little tikes. But as usual, Ava was his biggest fan. The girl is a sucker for anything in costume. She LOVES characters. Very fitting since she is such a little character herself.

Hunting for the perfect eggs. Doesn't her SheShe outfit look so sweet? I LOVE this dress so much. She got chocolate ALL over it. Praying it comes out. Not materialistic at all.

After the egg hunt we rode the Trinity train. We just love riding this mini train. It was fun to ride with our friends too!

We went to eat birthday dinner after the train and then came home for a little family nap. There is just something special about Sunday afternoon family naps, isn't there? After her nap we had cake and sang happy birthday at her actual REAL TIME birthday.

This is at 6:09 pm. Three years ago at this very moment she came into our world.
We love her so very much!!


  1. Oh my goodness!!! Her dress is just darling! Happy Birthday Ava!

  2. She is so so beautiful! Happy Birthday Ava!! For the chocolate, try this: (Lauren is the master at getting chocolate on clothes). Get a bucket of warm water, add 1 scoop of Oxyclean, spray the stains with Zout, soak for like 2 days. It works!

  3. I love that you eat cake at the exact time she was fun is that?

    Looks like she had a happy birthday weekend!

  4. Hoppy Birthday Ava J! Get it, hoppy for the egg hunt and the birthday?! Hehehe. Hope your birthday was so much fun!

  5. That is so my favorite little dress!! Bring it back!!!

    So funny that she likes the Easter Bunny! She's got to be the only toddler in America that does!


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