Saturday, April 16, 2011

Off to See the Wizard {Ava's 3rd Birthday Party}


Today was this little cutie's third birthday party! We had such a fun time celebrating her three years of life. 
She picked her theme of a Wizard of Oz birthday back in January when I was planning it all.

I really, really wanted to have her party outdoors so that I could go all out. My thoughts were to do a costume party, have all these fun themed snacks and games, and decorations & the whole nine yards. BUT every year it has stormed on her birthday/party day. So I decided to book it at a local jumphouse.

Well, wouldn't you know the weather today was absolutely perfect. Sunny, not too warm, and just great outdoor weather. However, this still turned out to be the BEST decision made, since we have just sold our house and we're knee deep in garage sale, decluttering, getting ready to pack up!
We invited about 20 of her little friends and she had the greatest time!
She was just beside herself all morning before we left the house.
This age is SO FUN because they are aware of what all a birthday entails. She had been talking about this day to every stranger she'd see the past week. She was thrilled when we went in to get her out of bed! I wish I would have recorded it.

She was patiently waiting for all of her guests to arrive!  
Sheila french braided her hair and I can't get over how grown up she looked! So bittersweet!!
The decorations in our little party room...
The favors
These ruby red slipper cookies were just as delicious as they were beautiful! My friend made them and she now has an Etsy shop here. She can make ANY COOKIE!

We ate pizza...  
     We sang happy birthday as Ava grinned from ear to ear, sang along, and ate up all of
      the attention. She was singing while tilting her head from side to side. It was the
 cutest thing!

One of my ex student's mom made this ADORABLE cake for Ava. I was so blown away by how cute it turned out. The characters were so darling.

                                                          Some more pictures of her party...


We are so blessed to have such sweet, sweet friends come out to play, celebrate, and bounce! Thank you  to all who made her day so very special. She has talked about it nonstop since we got home. In fact, I can hear her in her bedroom, at 10:30pm, talking about her party. Might I add that she has been in bed since 8:00! Haha!
                                            And the fun continues tomorrow on her real birthday....


  1. So, so cute!! It looks like she had a wonderful birthday party. Good job, Mama! =)

  2. Great Party! Love you Ava J!!

  3. The party was so cute, and Ava is so adorable. Love your creativity! =)

  4. Such a cute party!!!! Sweet Ava is just a doll. LOVE her!

    And I cannot wait to see you in two weeks. Please tell me I get to see you while I'm in Dallas.

  5. The party was absolutely adorable...we had so much fun! Ava during the singing of Happy Birthday was the cutest thing. Thanks for a fun time friend!

  6. So cute! You should be a party planner in your spare time ;). Love the rainbow centerpieces!!

  7. Adorable!! I love the theme!!!

  8. Cutest party I've seen!! Ava looked like a doll and you can tell she had a blast!! =) Hope y'all have a great day celebrating "The Big 3"!!

  9. You did such a great job!! It all turned out so cute!

  10. So precious. You did such a great job with the decor. I love all the fun colors. She is soooo cute!

  11. We had a blast! Everything was just perfect!!

    My favorite part was when Ava tackled Rilan!! That was tooo funny! :)

  12. ok...this is way too cute! She looks precious and your lollipop centerpieces look SO good. Much more pro then what I came up with :)I also love those favors and cookies!!!

  13. Love it! You did an amazing job! She does look very grown up with her hair like that.

  14. I'm so sad we missed it! It looks like you guys had an amazing time. Everything is so cute and perfect!

    Happy Birthday sweet girl!

  15. Looks like a fun party! Love the cookies! :)


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