Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Our Fun Tuesday

Yesterday I worked my tail off.
Tomorrow, I will work my tail off again.
But today?
Today was a fun day!
We met up with one of my most favoritest bloggy/twitter buddies, Angie, and her darling kids. This is actually our second "play/meetup". In two weeks!
I love the kind of networking blogs and twitter offer!
We went for cupcakes for our lunch.
It's a wholesome nutritious meal, y'all!
Ava and Angie's little cutie, Hayden, checking out cupcakes at The Cupcake Cottage.

Angie and her daughter Layla enjoying some of Ft. Worth's finest:)

Ava eating a vanilla almond cupcake. I wanted to go to try the pina colada but THIS WAS MY FAVORITE!

Hayden ate the chocolate cupcake like it was his last meal in prison. HA!

The kids started getting wild as the sugar set in, so we braved the 500 degrees heat and took them to a local park.
We lasted about 15 minutes.
Angie and myself. She cracks me up!!

We told the littles to put their arms around eachother. This is what they interpreted. Ha!!!

All three cuties!

Layla found a salt packet on the ground. She opened it up and sprinkled salt on the ground. And what do you think my child did next????

If you guessed that she pressed her hand on the cement and then licked her hand...you were correct.
(Husband, if you are reading this blog while at work, wondering if our child needs to be taken into custody with CPS due to my poor mothering skills during the days, I promise it's not like this every day. She does far more intellectual things besides licking sugar and salt off the ground. Remember, she can spell her name for Pete's sake?!?! Don't call CPS just yet. However, you may want to go ahead and make arrangements for that short bus.)
The kids' faces were beaming red, so we called it a day!

Can't wait to hang again, Angie!
Tonight was a special treat for me as I got to go out to eat with my besties! We meet once a month for dinner, yogurt, whatever. We just enjoy catching up with eachother. We could sit in an empty room for hours and there'd never be a moment of silence between us, though!

I'm looking something aweful. It was too hot and I cooked dinner for my two loves, through my hair in a ponytail, and left home. I should have looked in the mirror and adjusted on my way out.
Oh! And I didn't get the memo that it was a "kid friendly" dinner tonight. Sorry Ava!
Closeup like the old days...adding a precious baby to the mix.

Isn't she a doll?!?!

Hope you had a great day!!!

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