Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Bedtime prayers: Ava style

Ava has been on a roll lately. She has proven to her daddy and I what we thought all along: she marches to the beat of her own drum.
She has become so incredibly independent lately. She finally hit the stage where she won't let us dress her at all. She has to pick out her clothes, too! And let's just say its scary what that girl puts together.
Exhibit A...

She's also become fiercely imaginative. The way she plays with her dolls blows my mind. I was never so "out there" with my imagination. She wants us to play along with her but we never seem to play the way she wants us to. You see, she has everything all figured out in her head and she can't quite put it all into words and so it usually leads to frustration.
She also thinks she knows it all! This poses a problem and leads to many a tear. Daily!
Exhibit B...
I was saying her prayers (for her bc she hasn't wanted to say them lately?) and she kept crying and telling me I was saying it wrong. I was so confused because we say them the same way every night and have for years! She kept saying "you didn't say it right! you have to start over!" She was nearly hysterical because I was saying it all wrong. Finally I'm at my breaking point and say very sternly "I'm done. You aren't using your words and I don't understand what I'm doing wrong!" Then she says (while sobbing) "you're supposed to say it like they do on Christmas 'Bay-cation' where they are at the table."
Say what?!?!?! My child made Aaron and I say the pledge of allegiance for her bedtime prayer!

So there we stand, at the side of her bed, hands over our hearts, saying the pledge of allegiance in unison. All to appease our 3 year old drama queen.

I shutter in fear when I think of her teenage years.

Side note: please don't judge us for allowing our child to watch Christmas Vacation. The girl is obsessed with Christmas. She begged us and in a moment of weakness we obliged her.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Spring Break Recap

This past week was Aaron and Ava's Spring Break. We didn't go out of town or do anything too exciting.
But we enjoyed working on house projects and playing with our toys

booking summer vacations and swimming at the gym

playing dress up every single moment we weren't leaving the house

working on orders

mostly, we enjoyed lots of snuggles and kisses!

Aaron said this Spring Break was anything but a "break" and he has a little more appreciation for me. Being home with the kids all day long is sometimes no easy feat. It's feeding, napping, changing diapers, playing dress up, going to parks, wiping faces, changing spit up clothes, and much more.
Just look at the evidence...

I think we are all ready to get back to the grind. Ava misses school and her friends, Aaron misses sitting at his desk in peace (ha!) and I miss having the house to myself while Judd naps. Just kidding! Sort of.

How was your Spring Break?

Friday, March 16, 2012

Blog Sale Part 4

29. Janie & Jack button up
Shirt. New with tags. 3/6 months $10

30. Janie and Jack polo size 3/6 months. New with tags. $8

31. Osh kosh chambray romper. Worn once. Size 6 months. $6

32. Navy ralph lauren polo romper. Size 6 months. $9

33. Another navy polo romper (with guitars) size 6 months. Worn once $5

34. Koala Kids super soft romper. Washed but never worn. Size 3m $5

35. Dinosaurs smocked jonjon. Size 6m. Worn once. $16

36. Kissy Kissy footie. Size 3/6 months. $20

37. Petit Ami smocked white newborn set with bonnet. Never worn. Fits more like 0-3months. $26

38. Old Navy plaid romper. 0-3 months $10

39. Petit Ami baby blue and white hand embroidered romper. 3 months. Never worn. $19

40. Mooshu Trainers shoes. Size 9. Both pairs for $10

Blog Sale Part 3

26. Carriage Boutique smocked sailer romper. 9mo but runs small. $20

27. Petit Ami white embroidered car bubble. 9 months. Never worn. $18

28. Remember Nguyen bubble. Size 3 months but runs long. Never worn & perfect to monogram! $14

I'll be back with lots more after dinner!

Blog Sale part 2

16. Sweet Petunia ruffle pants. Brown cord. Size 4. Run short. $10

17. Baby Lulu pant set. Size 4 but runs small. $18

18. Crazy 8 denim shorts. Size 3T $7


19. Coco Bonbons cord pants and top. Size 4. Worn once. $20

20. Carriage Boutique smocked sailboats one piece. New with tags. Size 18m $20

21. I Play kimono sets. Super soft organic cotton. New with tags. Selling both sets for $15 Size 6mo

22. Sailboat romper size 3/6 month. $6

23. Carriage Boutique navy cord airplanes smocked bubble. Worn once. $20

24. Carter's newborn set. New with tags. $9

25. Okie Dokie romper. 6/9 months with tags $8

Cleaning out their closets: Blog Sale part 1

Please comment with picture number, SOLD, and paypal email. Payment is due within 24 hrs or I'll relist on twitter. Thank you!
Shipping is included in price.
1. Freckles and Kitty set. Runs small, size4. Some pilling. $16


2. "A" Halloween skirt set. Size 4.


3. Remember Nguyen smocked lavender short set. Size 4. $25

4. Gap jeans size 4. Perfect condition! $13

5. Pink cords by Mini Boden
size 4. Perfect condition $15

6. Fish appliqué "Ava" on Lolly Wolly Doodle Capri set. Size 4. Worn once. $16

7. Gap kitty Tee. Size 4. $5

8. Hanna Andersson skirt and tights. So cute! Size 90 or a 3/4. $17

9. Lolly Wolly Doodle smocked flowers dress. Size 4. Worn once. $14


10. Anavini smocked cord pant set. Worn twice. Size 4. $20

11. Baby Lulu pink and red rosettes dress. Size 4. $16


12. LWD pink gingham 3 piece set. AMJ monogram. $13

13. Remember Nguyen pant set with AMJ monogram. Worn once. $16

14. Ava penguin pant set Size 4. $10


15. Gap chambray nautical pants. Size 4. $11

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