Monday, June 18, 2012

Phone dump {overload}

Summer is in full swing and we are finally getting into the groove of no weekly school schedule. Ava is getting bored regardless of how much fun we have, which makes me so happy about my decision to send her to preschool as opposed to my "previous" plan of keeping her home until kindergarten.


I bought her this fishing game at Walgreens and it has been worth every dollar! It's "fishing for jewels" princess edition.


Finally for the kids 4yr and 6mo pictures printed & hung! Love them. Excuse the rando in the 8x10. Still waiting on the picture to go in that frame.


Ava had swim lessons last week. She is doing so well! This year she worked on her American Crawl and dive. She dives just like her momma...and it's a sight to be seen for sure! Belly flop, anyone?

Ava was invited to a princess party for her friend Olivia. Jenn gave Judd some frosting from a cupcake and that boy almost ate her finger off! Funny how all the rules such as "no sweets until your first birthday" go out the window with baby #2!

Princess Ava at Olivia's party.


I went in to get Judd from his nap and he had a crown on his poor head. That boy will be bullied into wearing a tutu and high heals before long, I'm afraid.

Do I really need to address this picture? The pose? The crown?


Ava had a dentist appointment last week and got an A! That's for good brushing and flossing!! And I'll own that grade bc I get an F every time I visit my dentist! Glad I can live vicariously through her. After all, I am the one doing the brushing and flossing.

I got my hair hilighted on Friday. It was time to go back to the old faithful. The lady I went to said she had never worked on someone with as much hair as me. That depresses me. I know, I sound ungrateful. But my hair is the biggest pain in my butt! Too much of it and no time to mess with it. I love it more in the winter when it's not so hot & I can stand to dry it.

We had a very low key father's day and just hung out at home. We got Aaron some clothes for work and the kids made him recordable picture frames and handprint cards. Always a big hit for my simple guy!

Hope you guys had a great weekend and that your week is off to a great start!


  1. you can donate some hair to me because i have shit hair. seriously.

    can i say that?? oh well.

    and you look skinny. get it girl ;)

  2. Sometimes Walgreens toys turn out to be the best! Kate has a $20 bubble machine but she only wants to play with her $2 walgreens bubble wand!

    Love your hair - it looks great!

    And Judd needs to slow down! He is growing up way too fast!

  3. Amelia needs that fishing game. I bought her a little one that I have to wind up constantly...she loves the game but I dislike winding it up every two seconds. :)

    Judd is getting so big!


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