Thursday, September 15, 2011

Judd's "Little Man" Shower

This weekend four of my best girls threw me a shower at my house. I had been so excited about this day for obvious reasons, but also because Sarah (who lives in Oklahoma) would be coming in town to spend the weekend with me, and the other girls, Jenn and Angie, would be sleeping over as well. Oh! And getting to show off our new home to friends and family was an added bonus.  It was a crazy weekend indeed, but oh so fun!!  

I didn't get many pictures, and the ones I did take weren't that great, so I am borrowing these all from Sarah's blog post. She said it was okay;)

My family of 3.5. Aaron was such a big help on this day. He took Ava and Manny, Sarah's little boy, to his school gym for the beginning of the shower. He said it was a great preview of what's to come with a girl and a boy in tow. Ava came back while I was opening gifts and wanted to open all of them herself. She was a little disappointed in bottle nipples and washcloths, but many shower guests were so sweet to bring her a wrapped gift. I have THE BEST friends and family. Always so thoughtful!

Me and the shower hostesses, Angie, Jenn, and Sarah...minus good 'ol Sheila. I'm sure she was working hard behind the scenes as she always is. I love these girls so much and thank God for bringing me such genuine, selfless, class act buddies to do life with. It's funny because I met half of this crew on the internets. Haha! Yes, there are crazies in the internets, but there are also PURE JEWELS and I have found two of them. I feel like I've known all of these girls my whole life. We chat in some way every single day, and I seriously don't take any one of these friendships for granted. LOVE THEM TO PIECES!!

The amazing food set up! I want this food right now, at 9am. IT WAS SOOOO GOOD! And aren't the food cards too adorable?

Jenn's friend Molly made the most precious cookies. If you are local, you need to check her out. Email me for details. And the mustache frame? Isn't that the greatest? Ava is obsessed with mustaches right now so she is still digging these mustache cookies!
Thanks again, girls, for throwing such a FABULOUS shower. I feel so loved by each of you!


  1. so so cute!! great pics, and y'all look so cute! what a blessing to have a wonderful group of great friends too! :) hope you're feeling well!

  2. I wrote a post recently and Audrey is wearing one of your dresses. I get SOOOO many compliments on it and refer them to you! :) Erin


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