Friday, March 25, 2011

My first Vlog


I'm linking up to my twitter friend Kodi's blog and answering three questions. This is so embarrassing and I can't believe I actually decided to join in, but I got peer pressured into it is all I can say.

And check out this awesome freeze frame of me......GIRL! Close your mouth already.

Aaron watched it and said I should have said the one thing I want to change about myself is to stop overusing the word "um". My bad!
Happy Friday!


  1. You're my favorite She She!! I can't wait to spend more time with you next month!!! Let's try to get a picture this time. :)

    And I say "um" a lot too... And you were just as movey as me, missy. ;)

  2. You're sarcastic? Really? By the way, love your hair. It has so much volume...did you do something different to it?

  3. Aw! I think you did a great job! You are just adorable!

  4. I had to come over from Twitter and check out all of these vlogs.. you guys are so much braver than me!

    Oh, and my hubs heard your blog and said "is that you? because you're too sarcastic too!" Nice. Thanks!

  5. I love it! How do I not have you on my twitter? I am "friends" with a bunch of the other girls.. so you must add me... @MissAmber_M I love the vlog... I am still thinking of joining at some point this weekend! We shall see!

  6. 1. Blueberry Cake Donut. LOL. Where is it from???

    2. Girl, you know you be eatin' Rosa's twice a week. ;)

    3. Your sarcasm is my favorite. Don't ever change. :)

  7. i love this and you are gorgeous.
    I also love me some sonic grilled cheese :)

  8. Can we get a once a week vlog commitment please? ;)

  9. Heck yes to the once-a-week-vlog!! That was too much fun.

    1. Love the blueberry cake donut! I'm all about the cake donuts.

    2. I have a feeling the Reagan and Ava would get along famously. Reagan is crazy too.

    3. I love your sarcasm. It cracks me up all the time on Twitter.

    Loved your vlog!

  10. look so pretty!!

    I'm so glad you joined in. Why do we both say Um so much? I think we would tie in an "Um" contest! ha! I don't think I do it normally. weird.

    We have donut day on Saturday mornings...Mmmm!

  11. Great vlog sheshe! Glad you joined in! I think it's hilarious that you feed Ava in the car. Maybe I should try that. Manning is a chaotic mess at lunch time.

  12. I LOVE the vlog Ashley! I will totally join in this week if you do it again via Kodi's blog. Tweet me and let me know! @katpinke


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